How to Connect to Stripe

Video Tutorial:


Step by Step:

  1. Go into a specific course in your dashboard by clicking its name or the Edit link
  1. Click on "Payouts" in the left sidebar
  1. Choose your preferred payment integration (Stripe or Gumroad, more coming soon)
    1. For this example, we go with the preferred method of Stripe
  1. Select the Stripe account you want to receive payments through
  1. Log in to Stripe in the portal provided on page
  1. Choose an existing Stripe profile or create a new one
    1. If creating a new one, add in all personal info prompted on screen
  1. You'll be redirected back to the dashboard
  1. Go back into your course and relocate the "Payouts" tab
  1. You can now add the price you will charge for your course